Do you like Instant Photography?

Do you love snapshots? Do you enjoy capturing images instantly?

Well, I do.

This being my first post, I am rather excited to begin!! I have decided to start this blog because I want to motivate myself in different ways to use my camera every day.

My main passion is film photography; I love the excitement, the unexpected, and the experiments it brings in creating an image.  Specifically, I am a lomographer and a lover of instant photography. The idea of the snapshot really intrigues me and this blog is dedicated to such a project surrounding it. With my Fujifilm Instant camera, I will be taking seven instants per week and uploading them on here with a little blurb about it.

What shall I photograph? Anything, anywhere, anytime. I am a lomographer thus I value lomo’s philosophy of making photography an integral part of daily life, to have fun and be imaginative with it.

I can’t wait to start!!! I hope you enjoy it and become inspired to pick up a film camera or an old Polaroid. I love them and I hope you do too.


About alib55

I am a recent graduate from university; an art historian in the making. A lomographer. A lover of instant photography and exploration.
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