Instant Nineteen: Jumper

I just received this home-made jumper from my Grandma and its so lovely that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it!! Even though images of clothes may be boring for some people, photos like this one allows me to learn how to focus on one thing in particular. I focus on my sweater, but I also wanted to include myself in the image (my lower half of my face) to give context to it!


About alib55

I am a recent graduate from university; an art historian in the making. A lomographer. A lover of instant photography and exploration.
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2 Responses to Instant Nineteen: Jumper

  1. You are totally right about how the photo makes you focus on one thing. Great observation/analysis. My eye starts from the buttons, up the buttons to your face, and back down again to the buttons… Simple.

    I love this post, because you provide a very effective explanation on how you see it…


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