Instant Twenty: Attitude

Can you tell how my subject feels in this photo?

My guess is that she is thinking ‘why am I doing this!’

I enjoy seeing her attitude coming through; it is more appealing to me rather than a false smile. Photographing people in general, if you don’t know them, can be hard, but if you catch them at a certain moment, when they are unaware, then you might capture something different…something real. In this case, I know my subject (my sister) so she is very comfortable around me taking photos.

In some cases, I find a easy trick is to call the person’s name then as they look at you, you snap the image! You never know what you will capture!


About alib55

I am a recent graduate from university; an art historian in the making. A lomographer. A lover of instant photography and exploration.
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2 Responses to Instant Twenty: Attitude

  1. That’s a great tip! Thanks!

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