Instant Twenty One: Angle

This instant was taken last year when I was in Edinburgh, Scotland! I have not been near a scanner over the past few days thus lack of posts, but I thought I would upload a photo I snapped a while ago!

When I go out and take photos, my eyes are drawn to geometry in architecture (when I’m in the city) because you can easily manipulate the building to emphasize what ever your subject is. In most cases for me, I always like to photograph people so I ask myself what can this building’s shape or lines give to my subject?

My friend in this shot is emphasized because of the long stone wall she sits on; my eye is drawn down to her through the environment! Playing with lines and shapes with architecture is fun and helpful to make direct and dynamic images!


About alib55

I am a recent graduate from university; an art historian in the making. A lomographer. A lover of instant photography and exploration.
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