Instant Thirty Two: Street Art

Streets in a city can be the perfect canvas for unknown artists and a haven for inspiration for photographers…well in my opinion! Street art is controversial, but you must remember there is a difference between graffiti, which is tagging one’s name to be known in the sub-culture, whereas street art is trying to communicate to the public in a variety of pictorial methods.

Street art fascinates me; it pokes fun at the public and the art galleries. Being out in the street, the art is going against the norm of showcasing work in a confined space such as a museum and, like any work, it has critics and fans.

Photographing street art is another activity you can do if you get stuck on what to photograph. This instant was taken in the United Kingdom along Bricklane in London; the place is full of characters and art.

If you live in the UK, I would recommend you go along Bricklane with a camera.


About alib55

I am a recent graduate from university; an art historian in the making. A lomographer. A lover of instant photography and exploration.
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