Introducing Myself

Hello!! Welcome to a little blurb about myself. As shown by this image, I love to experiment to create an image; balloons are awesome.

I’m a lomographer at heart and interested in exploring new things. In fact, that is why I have started this blog…I wanted a new way to motivate myself to take photos. I have recently graduated university… now on to real life, which is very exciting, but scary at the same time!

For this blog, I will be posting instant images from my Fujifilm Instant Camera; I’ ll  (hopefully) be posting an image per day. One day, I dream to own a SX-70 Polaroid…I know the impossible project sell Polaroid film now so it is sooo tempting, but oh so expensive!! Like many people, I enjoy photographing people, their reactions, and their style. Having fun is important and also being quick when your snapping away.


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