Instant Thirty Four: Red in Motion

Red, red, and more red!!

Thats what you see when you spin in a red dress.  If you are bored or want something to do in terms of taking photos, why not go outside and take motion images of yourself or someone else dressed in bright clothes. With this instant, the red and green colours are soft, but go remarkably well together due to the contrast.

So head outside then spin, jump, and prance away. Don’t forget your camera!!

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Instant Thirty Three: How close can you get?

Hello!!! I have been gone ages and I apologize for that…September has been rather crazy with a new job and festivals. So I hope this October to be much more active on here as I have missed it. This instant was taken in late summer and is a photo of my sister.

How close do you think you can get to have a portrait? I believe a photographer should play around with how they capture someone’s face.  I also love the blurry focus; her eyes really stand out with the effect.

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Instant Thirty Two: Street Art

Streets in a city can be the perfect canvas for unknown artists and a haven for inspiration for photographers…well in my opinion! Street art is controversial, but you must remember there is a difference between graffiti, which is tagging one’s name to be known in the sub-culture, whereas street art is trying to communicate to the public in a variety of pictorial methods.

Street art fascinates me; it pokes fun at the public and the art galleries. Being out in the street, the art is going against the norm of showcasing work in a confined space such as a museum and, like any work, it has critics and fans.

Photographing street art is another activity you can do if you get stuck on what to photograph. This instant was taken in the United Kingdom along Bricklane in London; the place is full of characters and art.

If you live in the UK, I would recommend you go along Bricklane with a camera.

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Instant Thirty One: The Woods

The woods are such a nice place to wonder; an excellent place to have romantic lighting in your photos!

On this certain day, the sun really danced in between the trees so it was rather fun to walk around and play with the light! So take a walk in the woods if you wish to have a vintage look to your photos!

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Instant Thirty: UKE

Power to the uke!! The sky can be a useful background when you want to capture a solid image! This instant gives off an idea of power to the instrument…with a hand lifting it up towards the blue sky. Use your natural surroundings to make a photograph.

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Instant Twenty Nine: Photos in my Head

While I was downtown, I came upon a street that immediately drew my attention. I don’t know if this happens to you, but when I glimpse places, objects or people images pop into my mind. With such ideas, I am eager to actually make them happen so a friend and I went to the location in the photo and she willingly snapped myself in front of the wall.

When I saw the wall, I immediately knew my purple dress would bounce off the background and cropping the word to ‘living’ would also be intriguing to include…so I did just that! The instants, to me, have a rather advertising look to them. What do you think?

So if you have photos popping up in your mind, go ahead and make them happen!! It is exciting when they work out!

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Instant Twenty Eight: Goodbye Summer!

Now its September, I can’t believe summer is already over and autumn is coming!! I’m excited to take photos of the falling leaves and jumpers. Parks are lovely places to photograph,especially, in the late afternoon light. So take a stroll in the park, go off the path, and snap snap snap away.

This instant was taken on a summer’s afternoon of bicycling, eating ice cream, and lying in the grass. The red and the green bounce off one another and draws your eyes in immediately. However, what I like about this image is that it fits my image of summer coming to an end…a person, their back turned toward us, walking in the evening light with their bicycle. Summer is moving on to fall!

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